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Hello. I'm Benjamin Fuller and my name will only be the most I'm going to give since I prefer not to expose location and/or date-of-birth with anyone. I'm diagnosed with aspergers syndrome of the autistic spectrum. Which leads to it's upsides and downsides. I have an affinity for cars and models of such thanks to having played games such as Need for Speed or, most recently, Project CARS I do have some Guilty Pleasures such as being a brony, although that's not too bad to admit. What is harder to admit is that I have a thing for vorarephilia and... Well... It's best not to go any more detail.


Ways to contact me can include:

  • YouTube: Benjamin Fuller, mainly streaming using OBS and playing various games.
  • Steam: Dallenson, Most common for many games that I play and some of them linked to Steam for convenience.
  • Skype: Dallenson, also used occasionally
  • DeviantArt: Dallenson, I upload pictures of my models along with a few... edgy ones.
  • Fur Affinity: May as well throw the NSFW tag out there for safety.
  • This Very Wiki.


Tropes that pertain to me:

  • Apologizes a Lot: I find myself saying sorry even when it's something negative pertaining to someone else that wasn't even my fault. I think it stems from the fact I feel like I overstep my boundary when talking to someone and feel like I've made them grumpy or upset.
  • Awesome Music: I prefer to listen to Video Game music, including but not limited to composers such as Frank Klepacki, Rom Di Prisco and many others.
  • Berserk Button: I do not take kindly to bigotry of any kind, either if it's against blacks, homo/bisexuality, etc. I get incredibly angry when it occurs.
    • Jokes about autism or any other diagnoses of it.
    • Deliberately perpetuating an annoying action after I politely ask for it to stop is another one.
  • Cool Car: A whole model collection of them!
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: This has happened many times, particularly going between Starbound, Terraria and Minecraft in which any similar mechanic can throw you off. Doing something as simple as opening a door can be a hastle when it's right clicking in Minecraft and Terraria while it's the E key in Starbound.
    • Going from Garry's Mod to any of the above three results in frustration by throwing items by accident.
  • Good Bad Bugs: I find myself sputtering into full laughter at really amusing bugs in games (sometimes generated by deliberate corruption). Particularly strange noises, goofed animation or a physics engine freaking out
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  • Most Wonderful Sound: I love various sounds, such as car noises, both fictional and real and gun noises, particularly of the Bang Bang BANG variety.
  • Old Shame: Some of the older contributions I've made just make me cringe with so much regret at what I've said. Particularly not knowing many of the editing tips and nuances early on (when to use braces versus brackets, italicizing, bolding bolded italicizing, etc.)
  • Rage Quit: Not so much general frustration from games themselves but losing progress to Game Breaking Bugs or general stupidity can lead me to giving up on games for awhile.
  • Sir Swears Alot: I cannot go a day without some kind of curse. Getting better.

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