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AgentKaz is very strange, and may or may not exist. If she does, then she is a bizarre, lazy, zombie-obsessed comic writer/artist who enjoys reading and shopping and not doing anything. She is not very scary in the slightest, and is actually rather friendly. She has decided it would be hilarious to make a page o' tropes for herself. So here it is. Perchance it can be converted into a fancy-pants creator page when she becomes famous and makes her old classmates jealous. One can dream, can't she? As of right now, she is going towards this goal of getting famous by being one half of the up-and-coming electronic band Br? Unic? Woo hoo!


This troper provides examples of:
  • A Good Name for a Rock Band: I come up with these things all the time. Including my current band, Br? Unic?
  • Chaotic Neutral: This is so my alignment.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Reality? Bah.
  • Cyberpunk: Began as my favorite subgenre of science fiction, and is turning into my subculture of choice.
  • Doomy Dooms of Doom: I'll pretty much add "doom" to anything, really.
  • Ear Worm: I've got like twenty of these in my head at any one time. They like to battle it out. My mind makes mashups.
  • Everything's Deader with Zombies: I like zombies. Zombies are awesome.
  • Goth: I'm often mistaken for a goth due to my propensity to wear black. Despite the fact that I really admire the subculture, especially the music and fashion aspects, I don't think I'd fit in too well. Heh heh.
  • Ham and Cheese: I love this trope. I love it. I really do!
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  • The Hedonist: Kaz just wants to have fun!
  • Our Zombies Are Different: I often play an intelligent zombie in online roleplays, and I'm writing/drawing a comic about them.
  • Perky Goth: If I was a goth, this is what I'd be.
  • Sailor Earth: I used to come up with so many Sailor Moon characters. The only one I've got left is Sailor X, some weird cyborg chick who's like chaotic neutral or something. Also, there's the Invader Zim character from which I got my name, and other things from my deep dark past. I've only kept a few of these characters.
  • Strange Girl: Very much so.
  • You Can't Get Ye Flask: Man, I love those text-based adventure games. However, I would probably have been voted Most Likely To Be Eaten By A Grue. I cannot figure those things out.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: I dyed my hair pinkish one time. Didn't turn out like I wanted. Also, I've always wanted blue hair since I saw that sbemail.

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