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The Video Game

  • Dueling Games: With F-Zero.
    • Fusion was this with Quantum Redshift, a game for the Xbox with similar mechanics.
  • Fan Nickname: In the early games, there are rescue droids which grab your ship and place you back on the track, should you fall off. The fanbase has nicknamed them "Wuss Wagons".
  • No Export for You: Wipeout Pulse was re-released for PS2 with all the Europe-exclusive DLC already installed and unlocked... in Europe only. Granted, it was made for the European release to make up for delays of the PSP version, but it can still be a sore spot for non-European Wipeout fans. Wipeout 3 Special Edition was also a Europe-exclusive title.
  • What Could Have Been: The original version of Fusion was quite different. Psygnosis had developed the game using high-powered PCs as they did not receive the PS2 dev kits on time, assuming the Emotion Engine could handle it. It turned out the two architectures were completely incompatible and this early version had to be scrapped. Also, during the E3 2000 event, the graphics were slightly "cleaner" than in the final release.
    • A minor example also in Fusion: The "McBuffalo Remix" of Hong Kong Trash's "Down The River" was originally going to be featured in the game's soundtrack (albeit played during the game's E3 2000 sneak-peek), but it later got replaced by "Torrential Rapids Mix" for unknown reasons. Also, it was going to be featured in the third game's soundtrack as well!
    • 2048 has a freaking Zombie mode planned, but it was ultimately scrapped. It's essentially what it says on the tin, a horde mode with carbon ships playing as zombies, and you had to take them out using cannons and quakes.
    • 2097/XL was supposed to have a ninth track, but the developers ran out of time to make it. Fortunately, it has been recovered and remade as a custom track for Ballistic NG.
    • The initial design of Zone tracks in Wipeout HD used to be different than the final product, until the developers found out that it did not pass epilepsy test.
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    • The original game's graphics was slightly different than in the final release according to the installment's Unseen64 page.

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