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  • Fake Nationality: The members of the Romanian Petrescu family are played by Asia Argento (Italian), Piper Laurie (American), and Dominique Serrand (French).
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The role of Grace was originally offered to Bridget Fonda.
    • Dario Argento wanted Goblin to score the film, but the American producers who wanted something more friendly to the American audience, and hired Pino Donaggio instead.
    • A scripted (but never filmed) opening sequence would've seen a character played by Tom Savini be accidentally decapitated. Adrianna would've witnessed the incident, thereby triggering her psychosis and spurring on her killing spree.
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    • Adriana Petrescu's death was much more violent in the shooting script. The wire was supposed to cut through her mouth therefore splitting her head in half and not through her neck. Tom Savini has also claimed Dario Argento wanted to shoot it from the inside of Laurie's mouth, so he asked to work on an oversized-mouth model in order to place the camera. But after Argento came up with the idea of the head saying "Nicholas", the set-piece was scratched out.


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