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Trivia / The Twelve Chairs

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  • Creator's Oddball: This is the furthest from Mel Brooks' usual brand of farce as he could get. It's the closest he's ever come to doing drama.
  • Those Two Actors: Mironov and Papanov duo in one of the adaptations.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Mel Brooks' first choice for the role of Father Fyodor was Peter Sellers. This proved serendipitous, as his second choice, Dom De Luise, would become a part of his regular staple of actors for the rest of his filmography.
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    • Brooks originally offered the role of Ippolit to Gene Wilder. But Wilder wanted to play the role of Ostap instead. Brooks refused to cast Wilder because Ostap is described in the novel as "devilishly handsome". Wilder said that he was not offended by this, but still decided not to do the film.

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