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Trivia / The Batman Adventures

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  • Actor Allusion: Issue #19 has a play starring K. Conroy. This comic book is based on a cartoon where Kevin Conroy voices Batman.
  • Executive Veto: The Holiday Special has a scene where Clayface is revealed in a crowded shopping mall and everyone starts running around in a panic. Bruce Timm had intended to have Barbara Gordon, with no one paying attention to her, change into her Batgirl costume in the middle of the crowd, but DC said no way. (He had actually lifted the idea from an old Supergirl comic.)
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  • Recursive Adaptation: A comic based on a TV series based on a comic. And occasionally, the animated series would adapt issues of this comic.
  • What Could Have Been: Go to the Toon Zone forums, dig up Ty Templeton and Dan Slott's old posts about the ideas they never got to use in Batman Adventures due to its cancellation, then find a good corner to weep bitterly into.
  • Write Who You Know: The comic occasionally featured a group of comedy villains called the Threatening Three (The Perfesser, Mr. Nice, and Mastermind), who were based on real-world superhero comics creators Denny O'Neil, Archie Goodwin, and Mike Carlin, all of whom had edited the main-canon Batman comics at different times.


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