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  • On the very first issue, we get an example of just how funny Batman can be when he wants to: The Penguin and his goons are robbing the Wayne Enterprises building, when Batman does his old cut-the-lights-and-make-them-sweat trick. He then drops right smack in the middle of the group without being seen. This ensues:
    Penguin: Okay, everybody just stay calm.
    Goon: B-b-b-but...
    Penguin: I said stay calm! It's only the guards.
    Batman: (with a shit-eating grin on his face) Maybe it's Batman.
    Goon: Yeah, maybe it's...(cue Mass "Oh, Crap!" reaction)
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  • In #20, The Perfesser is keeping a diary of his criminal exploits. He, Mastermind, and Mr. Nice do a job in that issue, which Batman naturally foils. At the end of the issue, they're back in jail, where The Perfesser cheerfully finishes writing up his account of the crime with "...ignominious defeat!"
  • In Gotham Adventures #34, Maxie Zeus tries to rebuild Rome with the help of a construction team. Cue a question of why a man who believes he's a Greek God would try to rebuild Rome.
  • Bruce's brutal honesty while being on trial in Gotham Adventures #35, from admitting that he's Batman due to taking an oath to tell the truth in court (though no one believes him). Made even better by the following post-trial conversation.
    Old Man: Hey, nice job in there. You're pretty good at making arguments. You a lawyer?
    Bruce: Me? No. But I used to be very good friends with one.
    Old Man: Not anymore though, huh? What happened, he turn out to be two-faced or something?
    Bruce: *aside glance* Something like that.
  • The entirety of The Batman Adventures #16:
    • Life in the world of comic book publishing:
      "But I just draw! I can't write!"
      • Note that most, if not all, of the people in the office were actual people who worked there, the above quote coming from the editor, who was in fact the editor at the time, Scott Peterson, who has used several of those pictures of him as profile pictures and such. Including right now. note 
    • Mistah J, disguised as an ice cream vendor in the dead of winter, has this exchange with a kid he's about to kidnap:
      Joker: Ice cream! Bomb pops! Hey, kid! How about some ice cream?
      Kid: Ice cream? But it's freezing out here.
      Joker: Well then, how about a violent abduction instead?
      (Joker's goons grab the kid and stuff him into the ice cream cart headfirst)
      Joker: Ah, what the heck. Take both, my treat. It's the season of giving, after all.
  • Gotham Adventures #26: Batman's found himself caring for a baby that's wanted by villains, and can't risk leaving him alone, and so goes out to fight crime anyway, with the baby under his arm. A bunch of crooks aren't impressed... at first.
    Batman: You know who I am. You know what I can do. But I am holding a small child here. And if you make me do anything that could possibly endanger this baby... You will be very, very sorry. *pause* Forever.
    • And the thugs immediately surrender their weapons. And then they agree with their near-victim that he's holding the baby wrong!
    • And when they first see him, one of the thugs is so nonplussed by the sight that he points and blurts out "Babyman!". Batman doesn't react.
  • In one occasion, Alfred was kidnapped, and he easily dealt with them without rising from the chair they had handcuffed him to. This is awesome, but the fun comes from how he did it.
    • While one of them is fooled into taking other hostages away, as Alfred didn't want them to hear Bruce Wayne's secret, the other two are hypnotized in falling asleep, and Alfred thanks them for falling asleep so fast.
    • When the third arrives, he comes near Alfred and tries to scare him in submission. Alfred tells him the secret, that Bruce always cries when Crocky's Adventures is over, and in the meantime ties the thug with the handcuff he had been tied up.
    • Batgirl, Nightwing and Robin arrives to finally save Alfred, and find him playing solitaire. When asked what happened, Alfred explains that two of them have fallen over out of boredom, and the other hit his head on something (a baseball bat, as Nightwing points out). And when he arrives, Batman points out it's the twenty-eighth time in a row that Alfred was kidnapped and dealt with the kidnappers before Batman and co. have the time to save him, and complains about the incompetence of all his kidnappers.
    • Aaaand then he gets kidnapped again at the end of the comic.
      • This is probably based on a Silver Age comic where Alfred manages to defeat a gang of crooks while tied to a chair (although completely by accident that time).
  • In The Batman Adventures #10, the Riddler gets out of prison and tells his henchmen that he's quitting because he's sick and tired of always being outsmarted by Batman. His henchmen try to cheer him up and convince him to give it one more try:
    Henchman: Batman gets hit on the head a lot. Maybe he's dumber now.
    • The story ends with Batman catching the Riddler by pure happenstancenote . When Batman admits that he never solved Riddler's clue, the Riddler is overjoyed and sings a happy tune through his trial and return to prison — as far as he's concerned, he won.
  • In #26, Barbara Gordon is looking at Harvey Bullock's report on a theft, which Renee Montoya has made some corrections to. The report says "some kind of mini-explosive" was set off. Bullock writes, "If those Chem Lab bums weren't too busy eating MY DONUTS, I could tell you what kind," which Montoya has crossed out and corrected as "Lab results are pending." (And at the end of the report, she notes, "Sergeant - good job. Much better than last time.")
  • In Gotham Adventures #56, the Creeper is searching the recovering Arnold Wesker's appartment, only to be surprised by Arnold unexpectedly coming home. Creeper hilariously disguises himself as a lamp by placing a lampshade on his head and standing perfectly still — made all the funnier by the fact that Arnold is essentially sleepwalking through the entire scene and never even notices that the Creeper is there.
    • Later in the same issue, Arnold wakes up from his stupor and discovers he's holding Scarface. In a panic, he throws the puppet away, and Creeper catches him, leading to this scene:
    Rhino: (charging at Creeper) I'm gonna getcha, freak!
    Creeper: Nyeh heh! I don't think so. Oh, boys... (holds out Scarface) Why don'tchu say hello to my little friend!
    Rhino: B-b-boss?!
    Creeper: (as Scarface) Change in plans, Rhino. I wantcha to take out the rest of our gang. Capeesh?
    Rhino: Sure thing, boss! (begins beating up the rest of the gang)
    Batman: Unbelieavable. There's no way that should have worked. That was crazy.
    Creeper: Hey, in a town like Gotham, sometimes crazy is all that works!
    Batman: I see your point.
    • The issue ends with Creeper still in possession of Scarface, getting into an argument with the puppet and promptly starting to beat him up, even making Scarface say "Ow" as he does so.
  • One issue has Batgirl trying to figure out the Riddler's password. Robin suggests typing in "Batman". It works.

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