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Trivia / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters

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  • All-Star Cast: The NES version, with the exception of Hothead. All the other versions have characters that aren't easily recognizable even for TMNT fans.
  • Ashcan Copy: The NES version can be considered as this, since there were less copies than both the SNES and Genesis versions.
  • First Appearance: Hothead (NES), Aska (SNES), and Sisyphus (Genesis) appear for the first time in the franchise.
    • In the SNES and Genesis versions, there's Karai, who had first appeared in Mirage Comics' TMNT during the time that the games themselves were released. In the SNES version, Karai is an unlockable Final Boss, but in the Genesis version, she is an unplayable computer-controlled only Final Boss.
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    • Also, it's the first video game appearances for these characters:
      • SNES: War (Archie Comics), Chrome Dome (TV series), Wingnut (Archie Comics and TV series) and Armaggon (Archie Comics).
      • Genesis: Ray Filletnote  (Archie Comics) and Triceraton (Mirage Comics).
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": With the exception of the Original Generation mentioned above, most of the characters are known because of these games instead of their own origin materials (mostly from the comics).
  • No Export for You: Unlike the other two versions, the NES one didn't get a Japanese release.
  • Vaporware/What Could Have Been: The Game Boy version.
    • As mentioned before in the SNES Expy entry from within the main page, Aska from the SNES version of Tournament Fighters was originally Mitsu from the third TMNT live-action film as evidenced by her name from within the earlier pre-release builds of the game itself, but after the negative reception of the film, the developers had decided to change her name and create a new character in order to distance themselves from the film itself.


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