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  • Creator Backlash: She absolutely loathes "Kitty". This also formerly applied to everything off Shadows, with the exception of the title track, but she has very much warmed up to the EP. Some songs on Nervous Wreck, namely "Connect The Dots, Unveil The Unseeable, "A Fast Descent Into Madness" and "Longing For The Retro Days", have also fallen victim to this trope. A little ironic as "Connect The Dots" is a fan favorite and widely considered one of the best songs from the album.
    • She admitted that she didn't like the way "Cult" turned out, saying she could have done "way, way, way, way, way better".
  • Creator Breakdown: She revealed that she had been going through one during the Nervous Wreck days. She was facing a lot of difficulty in her life: her dog passed away, she had lost friends that were close to her, and she was faced with stress she had put on herself to finish the album quickly due to overexcitement. Combine that with depression, gender identity issues and trauma from experiences in a cult, and it goes downhill quickly from there. According to her, she barely thought about what she was saying throughout the period, which would explain the more controversial comments she made during it.
  • One Of Us:
  • Old Shame: "Kitty" is this trope played straight; she didn't count Shadows as even though it suffered Creator Backlash, she was at least willing to acknowledge it's existence, and even played the songs live on occassion.
    • "Connect The Dots, Unveil The Unseeable" is this too. The only reason she plays it live is because it's a fan favorite.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • "Angel's Death" was initially supposed to include vocals.
    • Nervous Wreck had a song called "I Need You" cut at "literally the last second".
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    • Another Nervous Wreck example: "Rain Down" was initially supposed to be the third single. However, she instead opted for the slightly more popular "G'day Goodbye" (which had been planned for single release since it was first created, apparently). This pretty much screwed "Rain Down" out of a single release, as she opted to stop releasing Nervous Wreck singles after "G'day Goodbye".

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