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  • Awesome Music: A lot of people considered "G'day Goodbye" and "Connect The Dots, Unveil The Unseeable" from Nervous Wreck to be this. She disagrees with the latter song. "Alive" is also considered amazing, ESPECIALLY in comparison to Nervous Wreck. Her remix of "Whirlwind" qualifies as well.
  • Broken Base: There's division over which of her sounds are the best: the electropop-rock style of "Kitty", the dark ambient Shadows and "Zeus", the Punk Rock and Heavy Metal influenced Anonymous and Nervous Wreck, the Drum and Bass of "Alive" and "Satan's Awakening", or the fusion of drum and bass and Dubstep in "Cult".
  • Fandom Rivalry: Her comments towards Melanie Martinez essentially caused this. Also has one with Blood on the Dance Floor for the same reasons. She loved lampshading this when it came to Melanie.
    • As of August 2018, she has ceased talking about Martinez (unless the circumstances make it necessary), although the BOTDF hate got turned Up to Eleven after news articles came out about frontman Dahvie Vanity's sexual misconduct with minors. And that is all we're going to say on the matter.
  • Friendly Fandoms: With Blyzo's fanbase, despite the fact that the two produce completely different genres.
  • Signature Song: "Alive"
  • Tear Jerker: "Zeus"
  • The Woobie: DEAR GOD. Cult survivor, gender dysphoria, you name it.

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