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Trivia / Skies of Arcadia

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  • Dueling Games: The original DreamCast game was released in 2000 around the time of other DreamCast JRPGs Evolution: The World of Sacred Device and Grandia II. The GameCube remake of Skies of Arcadia was compared to Tales of Symphonia for the same system. All games mentioned are Reconstructions of the JRPG genre in the wake of Deconstructions like Final Fantasy VII. note 
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  • Urban Legend of Zelda: There once was a very persistent rumor that a Bonus Boss called the "Horteka Water Beast" could be found in the lower regions of Horteka. It supposedly would ask you if it could see the Green Moon Crystal, and if you indulged it, it would steal the Crystal and you would have to battle it to get the Crystal back. There are creatures that can be seen swimming in Horteka's swamps, but that is all they do.
  • What Could Have Been: The game did have a sequel in the planning stages back in 2003, but seems to have been placed permanently on hold.

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