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  • During the raid on the Valuan ship at the beginning of the game, a group of Valuan guards corner Vyse and Aika. One does an attempt at a Badass Boast by stating it's only the two of them against the five of the guards. Said guard is apparently then shot dead by Dyne. His response?
  • After Aika briefly leaves your party on the first visit to Pirate Isle, try looking through the cloth hanging on the wall outside her house.
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  • The party meeting Bellena.
    Aika:'re kidding, right? Vyse wouldn't want someone like her...I mean... who knows where she's been? (Bellena stands behind Aika) Oh, umm... I, so, umm... Do you travel a lot?
  • As the group tries to recover the Delphinus in Yafutoma, Vyse grabs Fina and helps her jump down to its deck. Aika then proceeds to help Enrique board by giving him a hard shove, causing him to fall onto the deck face-first.
  • The start of the Ixa'ness Demons encounter gives us this, when they refer to Aika and Fina as "old hags":
    Aika: And Fina! Don't just stand there! Say something! They're insulting us!!!
    Fina: .... Aika? What's an old hag?
    • Hell, the entire Running Gag of Fina being unaware of trivial terms to the point of her not knowing what the term "buy" means.
  • After winning their first ship battle, Vyse and Aika perform their Victory Jig...and then Drachma chimes in:
  • The reactions of everyone at the beginning of Daccat's Isle. Everyone is just very confused about what they are doing and what is happening.
    • The party's reactions to "Daccat's Treasure" are all pretty funny, especially Aika's.
    Aika (really annoyed): Some old bag of bones is laughing at us from his grave while we ran around looking like idiots!! And we're still broke!
    (Vyse stops laughing and looks like he's about to cry.)
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  • Gilder and Clara's interactions are pretty hilarious.
    Clara: Oh, Gilder, I'm so happy! I'll never let you go!
    Gilder: Out of one prison, into the next.
  • The two instances of the game playing around with the boilerplate "X joined your party"/"X joined your crew as a Y" messages:
    Drachma joined your party... again.
    Pow joined your crew as a jester... of sorts.
  • If you go investigating Drachma's ship and go out on deck, Vyse can discover Drachma's fishing bait in a barrel. There's something really funny about a tough young Air Pirate like him being grossed out by slimy bugs.
  • Aika's fireplace on Pirate Isle. Judging by the smell, she apparently throws gunpowder into it for fun.
  • As part of decorating your base, you can ask Kirala, a builder from Yafutoma, to make some renovations to the fountain in the center of the island "in praise of the six Moons." Kirala's take on this is to surprise you by... planting a large, rotating stone statue of Cupil at the top. Vyse's only remark is that at least Fina will like it.
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  • Gilder's reaction upon his crew reporting that there's a bright pink ship heading their way. He runs for the lifeboats and takes Vyse with him, booking it for Nasrad while his crew fly in the opposite direction. Apparently, this is an operation they perform frequently.

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