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Fridge Brilliance

  • Not only are the cultures in the game based on real cultures from the age of Spain's expansion, but their locations on the game's world map coincide with their counterparts' locations: Valua and Nasr are located in close proximity to each other around where Europe and the Middle East would be, Yafutoma is where China and Japan should be, and Ixa'taka is right around where you'd find South America. Cape Victory, an area colonized by Valua, is where Australia would be.
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  • Skies is pretty subtle about ingame religion, but if you look it's clear that most of the Arcadian cultures worship the Moons. So what does Galcian do? He bends the Moons to his will with an ancient superweapon. He subjugates what the people see as gods.
  • The music in the Dark Rift and the Vortex doesn't appear on the soundtrack. The Dark Rift looks strange, people are afraid to enter it, and there are no (save Vyse and crew) survivors. The Vortex is buried where pressure should kill anyone who dares go near. So maybe whoever heard the music was not meant to live?
  • All of the Gigas have a number motif associated with their color's number. Recumen has four heads, Grendel has one eye, Bluheim has three tails, Yeligar has four arms and a head to make five, and Zelos winds up looking like a hexagon, then gains six claws. But what about Plergoth? Sure, the setting for the Moon Crystal had two dots, but that seems a bit of a cop-out. But it also has two names, Plergoth and Rhaknam!
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  • Silver magic represents life and death, which could symbolically be interpreted as beginnings and ends. The silver crystal is the last one you acquire, but since Fina has one inside her body, it's also technically the first one you get, too. The silver crystal marks the "life" and "death" of the quest for the moon crystals.
  • And speaking of beginnings and ends, the game begins in the skies above Soltis underneath the Silver moon where Dyne and Vyse seize a Valuan ship headed by Adrimal Alfonso. Shortly afterwards, the first dungeon beings at nearby Shrine Island. At the end of the game, Shrine Island is revealed to be the entrance to the Soltis continent and the final boss is fought in the Skies above Soltis. In other words, the game begins and ends under the Silver moon below the silver contintent.
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  • It seems utterly pointless for Galcian to send De Loco into Deep Sky, considering that it's later revealed that he already had access to a Silvite vessel via Ramirez. So it is implied that he knew Vyse would win the ensuing battle and that he knowingly sent De Loco to his death. It sounds like a ridiculous decision to kill off the head of your military's Research & Development division up until one considers that De Loco invented the Moonstone Cannon, the only weapon capable of destroying Zelos. So perhaps Galcian planned on killing two birds with one stone — if he had gotten rid of Vyse later, De Loco would have been the only person left in Arcadia who posed a significant threat to his [Galcian's] reign..

Fridge Horror

  • One of the bonus bosses, Elcian, is unlocked after you beat Galcian. It's a black Looper. The implication? Loopers, those things you've been getting frustrated at and slaughtering for most of the game so far, are the spirits of the dead.
  • Observation: it sure is incredibly easy to find mechanical arms and weapons that are compatible with Drachma's preexisting mount. Conclusion: amputees are incredibly common and Drachma's is the standard model.
    • Alternatively, the weapons you find are all meant to be pieces of ordinary machinery, and Drachma's prosthetic arm was simply designed to be compatible with them. If he has to live with a giant robotic limb, he can at least get some utility out of it.
  • Kangan awakens Bluheim and orders him to "blow [the westerners] out of the sky!" One of the western ships currently in battle is the Delphinus. On board which Muraji is being held prisoner. In short, Kangan sends a giant, killer abomination out to kill his own son.
  • Vigoro claims that no woman in Valua can resist him. Given what he tried to do to Aika, it raises the question of how many women he's forced himself on and used his position to get away with it.

Fridge Logic

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