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Awesome Music / Skies of Arcadia

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Arcadia Legends OverClocked ReMix Album Art by Patricia Daguisan
Skies of Arcadia was a hidden gem of the Sega Dreamcast with a fantastic soundtrack that many fans had lamented is woefully underrepresented in remixing circles such as OverClocked ReMix and other mixing communities.
  • Opening Theme plays over the opening cinematic, but it sets the tone and stage for what will be a fantastic journey through the skies - filled with great action set pieces and diabolical villains. A fantastic score that will get you energized to play the game proper!
  • Main Theme, also known as the Title Screen song. This beautiful piece is in stark contrast to the Opening Theme yet reverberates more strongly throughout the rest of the OST as its melodic themes reoccur throughout the rest of the game.
  • Air Pirate Secret Base is decidedly different than the Air Pirate Island theme you've no doubt heard prior to entering the underground pirate hangar, and highlights perfectly the unorthodox nature of the Blue Pirates you are a part of and makes for a memorable first visit to your first home base.
  • Valua City sells the depravity and hopelessness of the lower dredges of Valua City more than anything seen in the game. The song is depressing and hauntingly beautiful, a perfect musical description of the state of affairs in the capital city.
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  • Kingdom of Ixa'Taka is probably the most recognizable if not the most popular song on the entire album. A favorite to many a fan of the game, this is a track worth listening to when exploring the mighty tree trunk village of Ixa'taka.
  • Boss Battle. You'll be hearing this one a lot, and luckily, it's not an annoying or repetative track. It fluctuates depending on how you're doing in the battle, getting tense and hectic when you're on the ropes, but rising to be triumphant and victorious when you got the boss on the run. A stupendous track you wouldn't mind hearing every time a boss battle erupts!
  • Military Facility Dungeon. When making a daring escape from the empire's highest security prison, you can't get more pulse pounding than this track which expertly plays throughout the duration of your journey to freedom! This track gets stuck in your head more than the actual dungeon does, it's that good!
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  • Delphinus, although simple in all respects compared to some of the others on the OST, blares through your TV speakers the moment you realize you own this marvelous ship. You're free to explore and go anywhere and do anything. The exhilaration of this feeling is captured flawlessly in the track and it even varies depending on the kingdom you are currently flying by, making it even more special.
  • Great Silver Temple. All bisecting plot lines lead up to this point: finally rising to the heavens to see the Silver Civilization where Fina came from. The quirky and unexpected playfulness of this theme completely subverts your expectation of the Silver Civilization, almost as if you are seeing it from Fina's point of view despite the reality of what it has become. A surprisingly introspective piece.
  • Armada Battle. Most of the primary and most deadly of the Valuan generals get hyped up throughout most of the game to the point that it feels like a really big deal when you finally face them in battle. This pulse-pounding track really delivers on all fronts with being an epic boss theme that is befitting of some of the game's most infamous villains.
  • Last Battle is simply one of the best battle themes in the entire game. It has elements of past thematic melodies and combines them together in a rousing battle cry of victory and it truly feels everything is coming together and riding on this final battle. A glorious way to end out the game on a high note!