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  • Creative Differences: The reason why there will never be a reunion with Bach. The man was such a toxic, corrosive presence that all members who were around during his time in the band have made it clear that there is no sum of money that would be worth dealing with him again.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • Just about the entire band for the documentary Waking Up Dead, which focused on then-drummer Phil Varone and his addiction issues and problems with the industry. Even Phil himself later stated that he 'regrets allowing it to happen'.
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    • It's been insinuated that the band doesn't like Subhuman Race very much. Rachel Bolan said in an interview that it "absolutely sucks", blaming it on being created at a time when the band was falling apart. Since its release, only a couple songs from it have been played live.
  • Name's the Same: There was previously an Irish blues rock band called Skid Row, which had Phil Lynott and Gary Moore in its ranks.
  • Old Shame: The infamous "AIDS kills fags dead" T-shirt for Sebastian Bach. Someone picked it up in the crowd and gave it to Bach for a post-gig photo shoot without anyone looking at it. He has apologized for it multiple times since.
  • Two-Hit Wonder: Their only top 40 appearances were their major top ten hits, "18 and Life" (#4) and "I Remember You" (#6), both off their debut album. A more self-enforced example of the trope, as their follow up album Slave to the Grind was much heavier.

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