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Trivia / Silent Hill 2

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  • Big Name Fan: Ben Croshaw aka Yathzee named this as his favourite game of all time.
  • Defictionalization: Insert Coin produced a limited run of James' green field jacket.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Guy Cihi was left in the dark about the game's big plot twist while recording his lines so that he could more convincingly portray the lost, confused, and self-deluding James.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: While the controversial HD Collection is floating around for 7th generation systems, the PC port however has yet to see a re-release in any shape or form, with used PAL region copies commands upwards of $140 for the installation discs alone.
  • Let's Play: Several let's plays have been done. Agent JR's youtube Let's Play can be found here, From Earth's hilarious screen shot Let's Play is available on the Internet Archive here, Iktor's blog Let's Play (and first play through ever) is here. L0rdVegas starts here. Cry's Let's Play should be found here. Voidburger's Let's Play has two versions: a spoiler-free run you can watch here with text-based "commentary" to preserve the atmosphere, and a traditional playthrough located here with spoken commentary (and spoilers).
    • Two Best Friends Play have one that can be viewed here. A good amount of it is Pat giving information on easter eggs, the background and making-of the game, pointing out the symbolism of certain monsters or locations, and other interesting details about the series.
  • The Other Darrin: The HD collection had an all-new voice cast, a choice which had caused some controversy. Guy Cihi, the original voice and motion capture actor for James, was very vocal about his opposition against the new cast, especially since he claimed he wasn't being paid residuals over the game's re-releases. Some of the other original actors agreed that fans should get what they want. Fortunately, Cihi and the other voice cast settled an agreement where fans could have the choice to play the game with the original voice cast as well.
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  • Shrug of God: The game's creative director has explicitly stated that, regardless of Silent Hill 4's effort to force his hand, there is no official "canon" ending to the story, leaving players to choose the one they personally feel gives the best closure.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda:
    • Supposedly, turning your flashlight and radio off while dragging the Great Knife around is supposed to make monsters run like hell away from you, believing you to be Pyramid Head. Sadly, all attempts to replicate this easter egg have failed.
    • One longstanding rumour/joke claims that a certain button combination can make Maria perform a pole dance at Heaven's Night.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to developer notes, an early idea was for James to has a Split Personality named Joseph. This was meant to mirror Mary/Maria’s dual nature, with their names referencing Jack the Ripper suspects (Joseph Barnett) and his first victim (Mary Jane Kelly).
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    • Some early footage from Japanese trailers show Pyramid Head in situations that never made it into the game. He can be seen walking through the corridors of Blue Creek Apartments and even the streets of Silent Hill at one point, suggesting that he were to appear and stalk the player during actual gameplay. In the game proper he is mostly restricted to cutscenes and Boss Battles, and the only time you can get attacked by him while exploring is in an optional part of the underground labyrinth.
  • Word of God: Masahiro Ito stated that Mary's body was in the backseat of James' car. Guy Cihi also stated that her body was in the backseat because being in the trunk was more of an American idea than it was Japanese.


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