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  • Acronym and Abbreviation Overload: The fan forums are full of those, and even the appendices use some in regards to book titles:
    • Books (in order) are: OAR, BSRA, BHD, AMF, HFaF, MTaT, LAMA, HFQ, AtSoT and TFT.
    • Characters: BGV note , RA note  or DE note .
    • Organizations: CoGA note , CC note , ICA note , RSA note , AoG note , MHoGatA note , TL note , KotTL note  and, last but not least, Go4 note .
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  • Ascended Fanon: One character's throwaway line about centaurs has led the fans to speculate about how he could know about them. Someone finally posted his idea that a "centaur" on Safehold is a praying mantis-kind of creature. Cue post from David Weber stating that while he envisioned something more mammalian, the praying mantis idea is totally canon now.
  • Recycled Script:
    • The overall premise of the series (Musket-era Feudal Future, Path of Inspiration repressing technology, etc.) was previously used as one major plot-thread of the third book of Empire from the Ashes, and the concept of a race of genocidal aliens intent on wiping out all other sentient life was first used in the aforementioned series as its whole motivation.
    • Shades of this same concept are seen in the war between Grayson and Masada (Space Amish religious fanatics whose war went nuclear). Humanity's Space Navy, seen briefly in the Safehold series, strongly resembles the navies of Honor Harrington. The tossed salad genetics and wildly diverse names were also seen in Honor's world. Indeed, it seems almost every idea hatched in the Safehold universe was incubated in one of his other series. Not that that's a bad thing.
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  • Trolling Creator: David Weber loves doing this in some conversation. Sometimes, under a heated discussion, he posts an answer to matter discussed that's just unspecific enough to be Shrug of God, and ends it with emotikon of evil grin.
  • What Could Have Been: The current story arc was supposed to be wrapped up in three books and then move on to the next generation. Instead, it turned out there's enough events in the story to warrant eight books just for this arc alone, and the next one will pick up the story twenty years later, when many of this arc's characters are sure to still be around.
  • The Wiki Rule: Safehold Wiki.


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