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  • Old Shame:
    • How Seamus views his older LP commentaries back when he started LP'ing on his YouTube channel, but he keeps them around to show how far along he's come since the beginning.
    • How Seamus views his screenname of SSoHPKC due to previously being some teenager that didn't know how to make good names.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Despite Seamus outright denying it several times, some people are still convinced that the "SSoH" part of his user name either stands for his real name (Seamus O'Doherty) or "Sarcastic Sense of Humor". He has even pointed out that it came from a time in his life before he was overly sarcastic.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things:
    • Seamus doesn't take Mario hack requests anymore due to fans/viewers sending him poorly made Mario hacks which burned Seamus out from playing any Mario hacks for awhile (and he did complain about the poorly made hacks' quality) which some fans, viewers, and hack makers had a poor reaction to.
    • There are certain games Seamus will never play on his channel (like The Legend of Zelda) because the fanbases of those games would rip him a new one for not playing like how they would play. Seamus already gets flak from some of his fanbase over casually playing certain games and doing things like missing a non-important safe in front of his face in The Last of Us for example.
    • The crazy fans are why Seamus rarely replies to YouTube and Reddit comments anymore:
      • In the case of Reddit, Seamus was threatened by people who planned to reveal the mystery about his screenname and after constant bombardment by those people and others, Seamus confirmed his screenname's acronym stood for "Sir Seamus of Halo Psycho Kinetic Collaboration". He even had to put a notice on his Twitter page to leave him alone about the screenname.
      • In the case of YouTube, the comments section of Seamus's videos finally took its toll and Seamus went on break in late 2014 into early 2015. When Seamus resumed updating, he disabled all YouTube comments so that nobody can reply directly to videos anymore. The comments would later be reinstated at the end of 2015.
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