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  • Acceptable Targets: He will frequently call or compare bad things in game to Detroit.
    Seamus: This place looks like Detroit.
  • Archive Panic: Over 10,000 videos with 5-20 videos per day? Good luck with keeping up with his uploads.
  • Author's Saving Throw: As a result of the backlash to his Grand Theft Auto V finale (see Broken Base below), Seamus apologized and did a second finale with the ending those upset originally wanted.
  • Broken Base:
    • A, B, or C? Because somebody spoiled the criteria for the good ending to Grand Theft Auto V, Seamus didn't pick C which caused a broken base among fans and viewers.
    • With his BioShock 2 playthrough, along with calling a little boy, who left a audio diary confessing his love for a Little Sister, "a fucking idiot" and "wishing that he drowned horribly" just for taking so long to say the passcode for a door which led to a rose the boy left for the Little Sister (which Seamus then proceeded to continue bashing the kid), Seamus also had decided to start harvesting Little Sisters instead of saving them, which in turn barred him from getting the good endings. Whether the two incidents were related is unknown but another line separated fans and viewers between being absolutely angry with him for being a douchebag and LOLing and defending Seamus' decision.
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  • Play the Game, Skip the Story: Tends to ignore plot for the most part in games.


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