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  • Actor-Shared Background: Jeff Daniels is an RV enthusiast, although no one on the film knew this when he was cast. Everyone was surprised when he came to the actors' RV training class driving his personal RV!
  • California Doubling: The movie has the Munro family traveling in America. Several scenes were shot in different locations in Canada.
  • Star-Derailing Role: Robin Williams saw his screen career quickly hit the skids in 2006 when this film, along with The Night Listener and Man of the Year that same year, underperformed financially and got a negative reception, with all three films generally regarded as inferior compared to his earlier work. Williams kept on working thanks to the Night at the Museum and Happy Feet franchises, but his films outside of that (License to Wed, Old Dogs, etc.) completely missed the mark before his tragic suicide in 2014. Thankfully, he's posthumously fondly known for all of the great movies he made in his prime than the schlock of his later years.