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  • The Character Died with Him: Depending on the circumstances. The Searchers and the other characters used by their creator were a fairy straight example, as their player had them all killed off before leaving BZPower, but other characters have merely dropped into the background and then later picked up by other players after some time.
  • Creator Backlash: Parugi has discussed his dislike of several early-story developments on several occasions, particularly in regards to many of the organizations and plots that he approved. The primary reason being that several of these, in hindsight, were fairly blatant attempts by a player to come in with as much power and influence as possible, only to end up leaving or else simply not doing anything with the group in question, and thus resulting in a very needlessly cluttered war front within the story.
  • The Danza:
    • Kyle Eston, James Arthur, Evan Tierra, and Ryan Sanders are all known examples of this, being named after their players.
    • Reyna Dranys (very minor Team Rocket player character) is an inversion — after Neya came out as transgender IRL, her new name ultimately ended up being oddly similar.
  • I Knew It!: Several players predicted that Levi Alaric was the Eighth Child long before it was actually revealed. Likewise with Skye Hall replacing Van Harrison as the Fifth Child.
  • Missing Episode: The original Rise of the Rockets topic, i.e. the first 300 pages worth of the story stretching from the RPG's beginning to roughly the beginning of the Unova Arc, as a result of the BZPower Archives being destroyed in a hacking incident.
  • Name's the Same: Team Rocket Agent Robert Hawkins, who shares a name with a certain maybe-terrorist-maybe-not from Jericho.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • An odd literary example — because so many characters have been left abandoned over the years with very little possibility of their players returning, current players have been allowed to adopt these characters for their own use instead of having to create new NPCs from scratch. Occasionally this results in much different interpretations than the ones shown by their original players, but hardly ever fails to any noticeable extent.
    • This was supposed to occur with Gluttony after becoming fully corrupted, with Parugi permanently taking over for the character, but a last-minute change of mind meant that the only thing to actually come from this was Parugi's authoring of the post in which the corruption completed.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Prior to external complications, the introduction of Unova to the Rise of the Rockets universe was planned with a much, much different approach in mind. Ford's coalition of minor factions would have succeeded in driving Teams Liberty and Rocket out of the four main regions through a combination of their various specialized technologies, forcing them to hide in a Ba Sing Se-esque Unova, where the two groups would have had to work together to regain their territory, destroy the Hojohsin League, and defeat Ford's original apprentices, paving the way for the more recent Nine Children plot. In practice, only Team Plasma's silence tactics actually made it into the game, with Ford's master plan being retconned into an I Lied situation.
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    • Vert was slated to be killed by Evan Tierra during her attempt to show him the Power Suit project, after kidnapping him, experimenting on him (and Landorus) in order to reactivate his Spacial powers, and succeeding. The events of the Sins Arc, which added in Jupiter as a Spanner in the Works, instead resulted in an Anti-Climax—which, if OOC discussions are anything to go by, was for the better.
    • When they were first introduced and first began to come into play, the Sins' gimmick of appearing to trainers who exemplify their individual vice led to a lot of speculation regarding who would be fighting who. Similarly, Parugi has noted that had he not split control of the Sins amongst himself, Alku, and Detranix, the group members' names, Pokémon, and overall portrayals would have been much more consistent and concise with one another.
      • On a similar note, the Sins' original (as in, some of their earliest) designs and plans were drastically different from their final versions. Gluttony, for instance, was more of a Mad Scientist than anything, whereas Envy was a full-on Villainous Harlequin. In fact, Sloth and Pride are the only two with any sort of resemblance between their initial and final products. Above all else, however, the Sins were originally conceived as a sort of Recurring Boss, with multiple conflicts against an individual one as opposed to the One-Shot Character that they ended up being.
  • The Wiki Rule: Rise of the Rockets Wiki

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