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Funny / Pokémon: Rise of the Rockets

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  • Evan revealing himself to be alive during Christmas in Unova by punching Ray in the face, following a screw-up by Ray that had apparently gotten the Hero of Space killed. The quote sells it:
    Evan: So it seems I am dead now, eh? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it'll take more than a cave-in to take me down. Merry Christmas! *PUNCH* If there is one thing I can't stand, it's when one is rude to a woman. Especially when she is being nice to ya. Sorry for the violence, Ellen.
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  • During Jupiter's meeting with Team Liberty's leadership, Jupiter takes a minute to note the name cards of those present—including that of Red, who, in reference to the source material, has taken the liberty of scratching out his last name.
  • Ryan and Zach discussing the finer points of Conkeldurr possessing Guts.
    "It's like an unwritten law of the universe!!"
  • How did Amethyst handle the pseudo-Groudon in Sootopolis? By making it punch itself in the face. Multiple times.
  • The fact that the entire Alamos plot's opening was essentially a full-on reenactment of Pokémon: Rise of Darkrai.
  • Flint the Monferno dancing on top of Travis's head during the Liberty Ball.
    • Later serving as the "Monkey Metronome" for Evan and Richard's dance battle.
  • This shout-out to 22 Jump Street. Specifically because it's coming from Kyle, of all people.
    ". . . You know," he said, setting the syrup bottle back down. "I came out this morning to enjoy some french toast, and I am honestly feeling so attacked right now. And that's not cool."
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  • Ryan (S.) chasing Ryan (H.) after Ryan (H.) stole an Oshawott. The end result being Ryan (H.) getting away and Ryan (S.) being captured by Team Plasma.
  • The Team Zephyr plot. Where to even begin?
    • Ethan's pun-game is stronger than ever. At one point his posts would follow every single one of the puns in his narration with a tiny "Heh," as if Ethan himself was imagining the narrative.
    • Windy tries so, so hard to be a threatening villain, only to be derailed by her subordinates at every turn.
    • The various expies within Team Zephyr, including expies of Shaggy Rogers, Chip Skylark, and various comic book superheroes.
    • Something about Gavin intentionally throwing a match for the sake of Skye's baby Spinarak's amusement is simultaneously inherently hilarious and adorable.

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