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Trivia / Oh, God!

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  • Acting for Two: The third movie, of course.
  • Billing Displacement: Donald Pleasence comes fourth in the credits at the end. He doesn't show up until the third act and has exactly two lines, one of which happens inaudibly because of a voiceover. The religious fanatic who wants Jerry to give her his "golden staff" has more lines than Pleasence does.
  • Meaningful Release Date: The film's release date was October 7, 1977 which, in America & Canada would be abbreviated as 10/07/77, so the last three digits would read "777". This is another rift on The Omen (1976); which this movie is meant to, in a sense, parody, contrast, and also neutralize. The Omen was released on the sixth day of the sixth of 76: 666. This is meant to be released on 777 which is a holy number by contrast.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Word of...well, you know... is that the first movie was originally planned with Mel Brooks as God and Woody Allen playing Jerry.
    • Had the famous last episode twist of the sitcom Newhart been spoiled by being leaked to the press too early, an alternate ending had been filmed in which Bob Newhart's Dick Loudon goes to heaven and meets George Burns as God.


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