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Trivia / Miracle Mile

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  • Box Office Bomb: The film didn't even earned half of its miniscule budget of $3.7 millions. Could be easily attributed to both lack of any marketing and somewhat confusing premise.
  • Creator Killer: Steve De Jarnatt was reduced to directing and writing few random episodes of TV series after the film bombed. And he quit doing even that by 2006.
  • Development Hell: The film was for years considered one of the best scripts never filmed and gained an infamous reputation as such in Hollywood. Then it was passed to be Twilight Zone: The Movie, only to end up in another limbo. Eventually, De Jarnatt, who wrote the script in the first place, bought it back. After argument with execs from Warner Bros. he literally started walking from studio to studio to get funding.
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  • Vindicated by Cable: Thank God for the VHS release.
  • What Could Have Been: This was originally intended to be the plot of Twilight Zone: The Movie before it was decided to remake four stories from the series instead.


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