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Trivia / Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends

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  • Continuity Nod: This movie digs deep into the Ultra Series canon like you wouldn't believe:
    • The origins of The Land of Light via the Plasma Spark are shown on screen after years of it being just All There in the Manual.
    • Blue Tribe Ultramen and Women are shown en masse with Hikari during the scenes on the Land of Light for the first time ever.
    • A younger Father of Ultra is shown without his trademark "sideburns" in a flashback.
    • Several Ultras from non-M78 Universe series appear during Belial's Curbstomp Battle, including Ultraman Neos, Ultraseven 21, Ultraman Max and his superior Xenon, Ultraman Powered and Ultraman Great, being their first on-screen appearance since the 90's
      • Jonias from The Ultraman and Chuck, Beth, and Scott from Ultraman: The Adventure Begins also show up. Jonias makes his third-ever outing in live-action following Ultraman Legend and the movie Great Decisive Monster Battle with the USA team making their second-ever live-action appearance.
      • Even Ultraman Boy shows up. As he hides for dear life from Belial's attack.
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    • Ultraman Leo training Zero is a throwback to how Ultraseven trained him during his series.
  • Prop Recycling: Nearly every monster that appears was reused from a suit used in Ultraman Max, Ultraman Mebius, Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, and Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers.
    • Just like the original, Zaragas was remade from the Ultraman Max Gomora suit.
    • Black King's head is modified from Femigon's from Ultraman Mebius (which is funny considering the original Femigon's head came from Kingsaurus III).
    • Dark Baltan from Ultraman Max was used to represent the original Alien Baltan.
  • Role Reprise:
    • Takeshi Tsuruno reprises Shin Asuka, while Susumu Kurobe, Kohji Moritsugu, and Shunji Igarashi reprise Hayata, Dan, and Mirai again..
    • This is Takeshi Aono's final appearance in the Ultra Series as the voice of Alien Zarab. He retired and passed away shortly afterwards.
  • Shout-Out: The crystal-like structures of The Land of Light are directly influenced by the planet's look in the film Ultraman Story
    • The planet where Leo trains Zero may also be a throwback to Planet Ferrant from the climax of that film.

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