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YMMV / Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends

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  • Complete Monster: Ultraman Belial ("Super Galaxy Great Emperor") is a Fallen Hero-turned-tyrant and a Satanic Archetype. Ultraman Belial started off as a typical Ultraman warrior , but, due to greed, desired to steal the Plasma Spark powering their entire civilization; this would cause the planet to immediately freeze over, trapping all the Ultras in ice for an eternity. Belial was found out, and sent into exile...before coming back, having merged with the ancient Alien Rayblood. He went on a wild rampage before being sealed away by Ultraman King. Unfortunately, thousands of years later an Alien Zarab sets Belial free in an attempt to form an alliance with him. In return, Belial kills the Zarab and then heads to the Land of Light, successfully stealing the Plasma Spark and freezing everyone on the planet in an And I Must Scream state. Belial then plans to take his army of 100 kaiju and use them to conquer the galaxy. When confronted by the few survivors of his earlier campaign, Belial sics his monsters on them, at one point mind-controlling Rei and Gomora and turning them against Ultraseven. Belial then finishes the job, seemingly killing Seven. When cornered, Belial forcibly merges with all of his monsters into a Body Horror super monster named Beryudora, literally made from their bodies, causing all of them intense agony.
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Belial, from all of the Evil Ultras.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Ultraman Belial crosses the MEH when he tries to steal the Plasma Spark.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Beryudora
  • One-Scene Wonder: A good majority of the kaiju only get a small bit of screen time, but man they make the most of it. Special mention goes to Black King and Zaragas (who's sole appearance is fighting Gomora in the Batman Cold Open).

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