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Trivia / Lackadaisy

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  • Defictionalization: The club-shaped pin, in a case of The Red Stapler.
  • Doing It for the Art: Tracy answers fan questions (which has created a very enjoyable Archive Binge for anyone wanting to learn more about the characters), writes and illustrates drawing tutorials, does fan requests for art, talks about working in the game industry with her fans, and updates an accompanying blog, where she talks about other jobs and Lackadaisy-related work, and posts pictures of cute animals, all because she wants to.
  • Schedule Slip: A notorious offender. The update schedule qualified as bi-annual for quite a while.
    • Since 2020, the series has been on hiatus, with series creator Tracy J. Butler, focusing on a Lackadaisy Animated Short Film. Butler intends to resume the comic, once the film (and other Lackadaisy priorties) are finished.
  • The Wiki Rule: LackaWiki however the site hasn't been updated since 2015.
  • Word of Gay:
    • This answers that Serafine is bisexual, or at least into some lady cats.
    • During a forum Q&A, Tracy Butler confirms that Mordercai's asexuality is either "his natural state of being or ... self-imposed."