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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • Was Nina right to disown Rocky, who's a bad influence on her already socially awkward son, or is she a manipulative Control Freak, and it's her fault Calvin is the way he is?
      • Attaching on to this, has she truly and completely disowned Rocky, tolerating him just for Calvin's sake, or does she still hold some care for him, only holding him at a distance to prevent another tragedy that could see him leaving for good this time?
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    • Is Rocky merely infatuated with Mitzi, or is he completely obsessed with her? Does he even have romantic feelings for her at all, or is his jealousy of Wick spurred not by romance but at the idea of Wick's funding rendering his services to Lackadaisy unneeded?
    • Did Mitzi really love Atlas? Or did she simply love the money and power that their relationship gave her? Likewise, we have her character in general, as noted on her entry for the character page, is a sweet but sexy widow whose fallen on hard times or is she manipulative seductress who would do anything to get what she wants? Some of her actions suggest that she genuinely loved Atlas (i.e keeping the pearls he gave her), yet others suggest she'd do anything to accomplish her goals (i.e stealing a check from Wick). Either way, it makes it hard to tell what her character and motives are.
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    • Should Mordecai be considered a traitor for defecting to the Marigold gang after Atlas' death, or was his resignation a smart decision when it became clear that the Lackadaisy was a sinking ship?
    • Is Serafine a devout Voodoo devotee, or does she merely use her Voodoo queen persona to entice, intimidate, and manipulate others?
      • Did Serafine carve a Voodoo glyph of protection into Mordecai's chest as a harsh but well-meaning way of protecting him? Did she do so to pressure him into joining her Voodoo circle? Did she merely do it to intimidate him and knock him down a peg?
  • Awesome Art: Tracy has a mastery of perspective, human and animal anatomy, lighting, shading, backgrounds, realism, caricature and expression. This shows in her work even from the beginning, and it only gets more awesome from there. One can tell by her gallery of sketches that even when it's not polished up, her art is very high quality. Her several art tutorials display just as much understanding she has of her craft, to boot.
    • For specific art, this graphic for the back of Volume 2 is beautifully rendered in full color.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Lackadaisy Dithyramb is just Rocky reciting an ode to the Mississippi River. While it shows off his poetry skills, it serves no bearing on the plot; however, Ivy does say in "Lackadaisy Consignment" that he's prone to "compulsive rhyming."
  • Crack Pairing: From the Lackadaisy Shipping War! thread, we have Moron. Mordecai and his iron.
    • In the same thread, Pancky (Rocky/pancakes) was mentioned, however, the current task at hand is taking down all Domzi (Dom/Mitzi) shippers.
  • Crazy Awesome: Rocky. One of his first exploits includes him trying to burn down a barn by launching a burning truck into it. The first one misses, so he drives the second one himself.
    Rocky: Are you questioning my logic?
  • Crosses the Line Twice: So much, mostly involving Mordecai Heller.
    • Mordecai and Viktor killing an innocent (albeit annoying) little dog? Horrible. Mordecai forcing said dog at gunpoint to dig his own grave? Oh, dear God... Non-canon, but still.
      ''Pets? Who said there were pets? Nobody knows anything about any pets.
    • Mordecai butchering a man with a hatchet for no reason other than he was ordered to is horrifying, but the whole thing is played for such dark comedy that it's impossible not to chuckle at it. Especially when Asa sarcastically suggests Mordecai arranged the body parts in alphabetical order... and Mordecai doesn't deny it.
    • This gem from Rocky: "Meat catches on fire easier than I would've guessed. So do I, as it turns out."
  • Designated Hero: The Lackadaisy Gang gets this title, being the protagonists. But being, you know, bootleggers who stop at nothing to keep their struggling business afloat, they're not exactly paragons of all that is pure and good.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: One forumgoer just about had a nervous breakdown when the author said that Mordecai was pretty much incapable of love.
    • Lampshaded in an "author interview" with Mordecai. But of course she knew when she wrote the character that an obsessive-compulsive, well dressed sociopath who prides himself on lacking a personality and yet still has Adorkable awkward moments was the height of sex appeal.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • By the time Dom Drago showed up in two comic pages, he already had Lackadaisy Forumgoers declaring love.
    • Elsa the former nurse is also fairly popular with Forumgoers, despite having only two scenes thus far.
  • Evil Is Sexy:
    • Serafine Savoy is a pretty good candidate for this, especially with her various Voodoo lady outfits and pantsuits.
    • Mordecai, too, has a large sex appeal with the fans because of his sharply dressed, handsome, and too-serious manner.
    • Nicodeme Savoy is the ruggedly handsome type.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Zib/Mitzi, otherwise known as "Zibzi". Tracy's confirmed that Zib and Mitzi were together in the past, which helps, despite her and Wick's current mutual interest.
    • There's also a good number of fans who prefer Viktor/Ivy to the canon Calvin/Ivy.
  • Fanon: Some fan dubs give Mordecai a British accent despite the fact that he's a second-generation Jew from New York City who gives Yiddish holiday greetings, probably because of Evil Brit and related classy Brit tropes. (Word of God says that he doesn't have much of any accent, having deliberately killed his New York speech patterns.)
  • Foe Yay: Serafine and Mordecai, according to some.
  • Fridge Horror: Read here.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Rocky could be considered this to some readers. He has zero moral qualms about working for a criminal organization or tricking his cousin into joining said organization. He's childish, irresponsible, and an all-around nuisance. However, he suffers from some sort of Ambiguous Disorder that makes it hard for him to relate to others, His aunt seems to have completely disowned him, and his letters to Calvin imply that his father is a complete deadbeat. He express fear of being replaced and states that he likes working at Lackadaisy because "they tolerate me". It's painfully clear that he's tried to find a place in society so many times, but it just keeps going wrong. He lives in his car, gets ran over with a fucking hearse of all things, and he was sent away for a family tragedy that likely wasn't even his fault. If the final pages of volume 2 are any indicators, he could snap at any moment.
    • Mordecai also qualifies. He fled New York to escape men who wanted him dead. In a flashback, we see him as a frightened young man on a train, writing a letter to his mother and so penniless that he couldn't afford a stamp. Atlas "rescued" him by introducing him to a life of crime, transforming him into a ruthless hitman.
    • Serafine and Nico, who were orphaned as young children and sent to a strict orphanage. The nuns who ran the place wanted to separate them, so they ran away, opting to take their chances in the bayou rather than be apart. They nearly starved to death, until a local took pity on them.
  • Memetic Badass: According to the more hyperactive of forumgoers, Viktor Vasko is the new Chuck Norris.
  • Nausea Fuel:
    • Mrs. Bapka serves sandwiches to Ivy and Freckle, who are horrified to discover that they're sardine sandwiches. It's implied that they were made with the same sardines that Freckle found in Mrs. Bapka's clogged pipe.
    • After Mordecai shoots Sniffles, Viktor observes that the murder got brains all over the car's interior. And that Sniffles' body was still twitching.
    • The batch of bootleg liquor that Rocky obtained from Captain Kehoe is implied to consist as much of embalming fluid than it does actual alcohol. Judging by the face Mitzi made when she took a sip, it most likely was.
  • Popular with Furries: It's a World of Funny Animals, aided by some of the best visuals in webcomics. Furries aren't the only ones the comic's popular with, but they're definitely a huge chunk of the fandom. Tracy even does appearances and panels at Furry Fandom conventions.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: A minor example. The "shipping war", for example, was basically created for a random battle thread in the forums (and the leading contender was Moron). There is the occasional spat between the assorted Mitzi and Ivy pairings, but it's usually all in good spirit, since Tracy's following is very devoted to her and to the story at large.
  • Ugly Cute: Mrs. Bapka, a tiny, wrinkled old lady who is also adorable in her appearance and mannerisms.
  • The Woobie: What we've been shown of Calvin so far. He's a good boy who's grown up under the very strict thumb of his devoutly religious mother, which has to an extent resulted in making him prone to violent outbursts and immediately regretting them after they happen. He also completely looks up to Rocky, who to an extent is just using him as a sidekick on his illegal exploits.
    • Zib. All he wanted was to be an innocuous member of a band with the girl that he loved, Mary Ellen or rather Mitzi. But he got wrangled into working for a speakeasy and stayed just because that same girl wanted to stay, until he was in so deep he couldn't leave. Especially as the Lackadaisy starts going under, he realizes he's going to go under with it. He rambles all of this as he's lying in a near comatose state on the sidewalk.
    • Viktor's had his fair share of bad luck in the comic and even before. What with the Knee-capping and the shotgun wound. Ivy's also not particularly happy with him right now, which doesn't help Viktor much. We later find out that he also had a wife and kid, which he left behind so they wouldn't get involved in his criminal activities.
  • What an Idiot!: Emery was absent during Rocky's attack on the pig farm because he was playing checkers and shooting squirrels with a neighbor. One of his brothers smacks him with a bucket and angrily asks why he didn't react to the sight of smoke nearby.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Unless you think murderous bootlegging psycho cats are a good role model for your children.


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