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Trivia / Jonny's Golden Quest

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  • Channel Hop: The original Jonny Quest aired on ABC, while the 1986 reboot aired in first-run syndication; this telefilm was co-produced by and aired on the USA Network (likely because the project had been planned prior to Turner's buyout of H-B, and the USA Cartoon Express had rerun Quest episodes prior to Cartoon Network's launch).
  • What Could Have Been: A very odd example here. This film is one of the only two survivors of a follow up set of films to the late 80s Superstars 10 projects. It was conceived and planned before the Turner buyout. The idea of exploring more of Jonny's mother seemed like a good idea, and it would not have been that long since the 80s series ended. So it may have been intended to tie things up in a good way.
    • The problem, of course, being with the Turner buyout, all projects that weren't already financed were put on hold. The result: the film wasn't written for several more years, and the idea of rebooting Quest was already in the pipeline (and would eventually surface as Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures), so this film had to cannibalize an 80s episode, and ended up having little in common with either the old shows or the new series that came after.

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