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Trivia / Foot 2 Rue

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  • Dueling Shows: With Galactik Football due to the theme and surprisingly Baskup – Tony Parker due to the obvious genre theme.
  • The Pete Best: Before Tag and his gang became an ensemble, Tony was also an original member but because he often bailed out, they replaced him with Eloise.
  • Talking to Himself: Eloise to Lil Dragon.
    • Jeremy to the Tek No Bros (Mexican dub only).
  • What Could Have Been: Steven Roux and Karen Boccanfuso had original character designs to keep in line with La Compagnia Dei Celestini. Tag in particular was supossed to be 10 years old, the same age Lucifero was in LCDC,wore a beanie hat and had blue eyes. The artwork for the poster was to promote the book as a film adaptation.
    • There was also a promotion poster called "The Blues". Instead of seven members, the Rifflers had eleven members and kept in line with the book. Tag was white and had dark brown hair, Gabriel was also white and had blonde hair. Tek and No were black and baldy and Eloise had dark red hair and was Latina. Tony was also one of the good guys and Lil Dragon was the same age as Tag and the others. Strangely enough, Jeremy and Samira didn't even appear.

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