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Season 3

  • The entire food fight montage fits this to a tee. Here's a recap of the whole thing.
    • The Rifflers go to the local fast food upon learning that the Melville's kitchen was full due to the filming of Football Stars. Bulldog and Cartoon are in the kitchen cleaning up whilst the filming is taking place. To lighten the mood, Nelson brings his stereo over to play some tunes, mainly reggae, but Victoria wasn't having any of it. The entire Jamaican team weren't paying attention to Victoria's rants as they were having a blast. Not wanting to be shown up, she turns the stereo off but ends up getting tripped up by Jane. This provokes Oscar, Fara, Tubo and Harry to get revenge using ketchup and mustard hitting Jane, Mary, Jodie and Rose in progress. The fight erupts. Bunji and Genki also get caught and food as well as plates get thrown. Bulldog and Cartoon look on in suspense as Bunji and Genki take the cleaning equipment but Bulldog also gets hit in the face with mustard prompting him and Cartoon to storm out of the kitchen not telling Shark but it seems that Shark already got the hint on what was going on. Shark attempts to ring Fede about this but accidentally gets hit in the face by Bunji.
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    • By the time Tag and his crew got back from the airport saying goodbye to Gab, Albert informs them about the fight (since he already has a TV in his barbershop).
  • In order to avoid humiliation, the Rifflers didn't sleep at the Melville but at a local hotel.
    • The next day, Shark and Fede warned everybody that if this happens again, it may result in disqualification. Nobody takes it seriously but after threats from Tag, Eloise and Jeremy, everyone listened and Martin wasn't that impressed.

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