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Heartwarming / Foot 2 Rue

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  • Season 2
    • Gabriel encouraging Fatou to win the next game against Oukam
    • Pierre attending the Riffler's next game to see if he was Tag's father. He said he's not his dad but Tag said that Chrono, Fede and Mr Riffler were like father figures.
    • Jeremy attemting to cheer Samira up after Tag favours Tek and No who are visiting.
    • Tag expaining the reason why he ignored Jeremy and Samira.
    • Jeremy inviting his younger brother to the next game moments after he shunned him.
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    • Everybody wishing Shark a happy birthday.
    • Zangezinho visiting his sick dad in the hospital.
  • Season 3
    • Every single one of the Rifflers consoling Eloise when tell them about memories with her cousin, Debbie.
    • Amir confessing why he had to disguise himself as his twin sister, Farah to avoid disqualification.
    • Eloise's heart to heart talk with Atsuko after ratting her out to the Japanese officals by mistake. After hearing that Atsuko's dad was uptight, Eloise forgave her since it mirrored her relationship with her dad.
    • Lizare cofessing that she liked Tek the entire time. He was relieved when she told him that Idriss was her brother.
    • Everyone on the Melville wishing Fede a happy birthday. Nico lampshaded that Fede forgot his own birthday and everybody knew.
    • Samuel being reunited with his daughter after years of being lost at sea. He take the job as the Melville's captain and to be honest, he really loves his job.
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    • Pablo reuniting with Tag. What made it even more heartwarming was when Tag's entire gang and Shark were crying at this. (Tag was born in Argentina but after his mom died, Pablo whisked him off to France so he wouldn't get killed. Tag actually praised his old man for being a national hero back home but Pablo said he was minding his own business). As a result of this, Victoria is now friends with Eloise again.
    • Elosie and Tag sharing their first kiss.
    • Gabriel consoling Victoria after the Rifflers(Now led by Eloise) took turns blaming her for Tag's departure
    • The phone conversation between Tag and Eloise. She says to him that she misses him and in return, he wishes her well when she goes to New York. Jeremy, Samira and No were all in the background eavsedropping but Eloise really didn't mind.

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