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Tag is a modern day Oliver Twist.
  • Tag' early life was similar to Oliver's. Both lost their mothers when they were just small and their fathers weren't around. They both spent their lives at an orphanage and a few years later they meet up with their fathers.

Samira will move to Japan to be a mangaka.
  • Let's face it, if she's asocciated with Shonen Jump the manga probably be based on her experiences with the Rifflers or a sentai squad based on Tag and the others. however,if she's asocciated with Shojo beat, the manga will be about her relationship with Jeremy or her friendship with Eloise.

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  • If Samira does get to be a mangaka, she'll obviously go in business with Atsuko under an anonymous pen name a la Bakuman。.

Eloise goes to the same high school as the Bronx Devils.
  • She did say something about her dad going to New York. If aid high school is an all girls school, Eloise will have no problem getting an apology out of Sinead for announcing what happened with Mochi. If the school is mixed gender, she'll try and ake the soccer team mixed.

Amir will come out as gay.
  • You gotta hand it out to him. He disguised himself as his sister because she got injured. Shark, who had a crush on Farah wanted to know why Amir did that. Amir explained the reason. Whilst smiling.

The Rifflers are younger versions of the 3rd Street Saints.
  • When you look at it, they do look similar. Both Gab and Pierce prefer to use strategy and are often ignored. Shaundi and Eloise have connections. Shaudi's connections are he ex-boyfriends whilst Eloise's connections are her family in Brazil and America. Jeremy and Troy critisize their leaders choices. Troy is against going into the drug trade and Jeremy thinks Tag's not doing a good job as captain.

Eloise is part of the French mafia.
  • In Season 1, Eloise's household consisted of her parents, her grandmother, the family's chauffeur, Anthony and an bodyguard whose name is unknown. Madame Riffler owns a villa in Rio De Janerio where she invites Tag and the others. Count Riffler's brother lives in New York. Eloise was worried that she might have to got to high school in New York but Tag convinces her to go, knowing they will never see each other again. By the time Season 4 starts, Eloise will be living with her cousin. If you think that's non convincing, the Riffler Institute was founded by Eloise's grandpa giving her free reign over the place.

Tag and Eloise's firstborn child will be a girl.

Foot 2 Rue takes place in the same universe as Baskup – Tony Parker a year after the Rifflers win the World Cup.

Samira is an older cousin of the Tek No bros.
  • Well, Samira has the same head shape as the twins and they're North African.

The enite plot is told via Future-Tag's point of view.
  • There was supposed to be five seasons of Street Football... If it was false, it ends with Tag marrying Eloise, Jeremy marrying Samira and the kids of the Rifflers carry on their parents' legacy, something like that.

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