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  • Cast the Expert: The man who played the museum curator, Mike Cavanagh, actually was the museum's founder and curator in Real Life. note 
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  • The Danza: Many of the one-shot characters on the show had the actors keep their names, Auntie Pat and Dionne from "Brum Goes House Painting" being one example.
  • He Also Did: The show's original theme music was written by Kjartan Poskitt, best known for writing the Murderous Maths series of books.
    • The engineer who created the Brum cars, genius inventor Rex Garrod, was also known as one of the most talented and inventive roboteers on the first three series of Robot Wars with his machines Recyclopse and Cassius.
  • Recycled Script: Very common in the final two years of the show, with the same basic plot of two thieves (always two) stealing something valuable from one of the Big Town folk, much like Sly and Gobbo in Noddy's Toyland Adventures. Brum would then have to stop the thieves and retrieve the item before being given a ticker-tape parade for saving the day.
  • Throw It In! / Unusually Uninteresting Sight: It's obvious from watching some of the footage that Brum was filmed against busy Birmingham without closing off certain areas for this purpose. This leads to some interesting reactions from ordinary people who are not even aware that they're being filmed.
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  • Unintentional Period Piece: Particularly the episodes from the 1990s. Multicoloured jumpers? Check. Perms? Check. Dated diagetic and non-diagetic music resembling 90s house and hip-hop? Check.

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