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Trivia / Angel S 05 E 14 Smile Time

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  • Completely Different Title:
    • Czech: "Čas úsměvů" (Time of Smiles)
    • Finnish: "Hymyä huuleen" (Smiles on the Lips)
    • French: "Les marionnettes maléfiques" (The Evil Puppets)
    • German: "Angriff der Mörderpuppen" (Attack of the Killerpuppets)
    • Hungarian: "Átváltozás" (Transfiguration)
    • Italian: "L'Ora del Sorriso" (The Smile Time)
    • Portuguese (Brazil): "Tempo de Sorrir" (Time to Smile)
    • Russian: "Время для улыбки" (Time for Smiles)
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    • Spanish (Latin America): "Tiempo de Sonreír (Time to Smile)
    • Spanish (Spain): "La Sonrisa" (The Smile)
  • Creator's Favorite Episode:
    • James Marsters named this as his favourite episode. He explained that it was "such a brave move" for a show to do an episode like that.
    • Amy Acker named it as one of her favourites because it was one of her favourite memories of Andy Hallett.
    Actually, we got in pretty big trouble because we could not stop laughing for three hours. Every time I think back on him and the show, I do remember that episode.
  • Defictionalization: Diamond Select Toys created a plush doll for Puppet Angel; after rapidly selling their entire production run of 5,000 pieces they produced a second and a third Angel puppet replica, followed by Puppet Spike.
  • Deleted Scene: A line of dialogue was cut, added back to the story in Smile Time, Part Two:
    Gunn: Think about the headlines: "Big Bad Wolfram and Hart Drops Iron Heel on Fraggle Rock".
  • What Could Have Been: Joss Whedon was originally set to write and direct this episode, but he came up with "A Hole in the World" and entrusted this one to Ben Edlund.
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  • Written-In Infirmity: David Boreanaz spends most of the episode as a puppet, as he was recovering from knee surgery.
  • You Look Familiar:


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