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Tearjerker / Moonbeam City

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  • Episode 6 "Lasers and Liars"
    • The episode shows a very vulnerable side to Pizzaz. Her four older sisters are manipulative, greedy, and abusive monsters who physically and emotionally torment Pizzaz to tears. They also ruined their father's company through drug abuse and waste, turning all of Moonbeam City (which he founded) into the hell hole it is now. They then deliberately kept the news from Pizzaz that their father (who loved Pizzaz the most) is dying and being cyrogenically frozen.
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    • At the beginning of the episode, Dazzle snarks about Pizzaz's menstrual cycle and accompanying mood swings, and cluelessly muses about his and Pizzaz's romantic/intimate weekend tryst during the previous year's "Cop Con" (a tryst which the two of them enjoy annually.) He then accidentally hints that they conceived a child, but that Pizzaz lost the baby. Pizzaz is so enraged at Dazzle for letting this information slip that she viciously slaps him silent, shrieking "THAT'S ENOUGH!" and leaving a visible hand print across his face. Yet for all the verbal threats she usually makes to Dazzle, Pizzaz becomes immediately and incredibly horrified at the fact that she just physically assaulted someone she truly cares about, remembering that angry slapping is the preferred form of interpersonal aggression for Pizzaz's four malicious, abusive older sisters.
      • What makes this moment even sadder is that it sounds like Dazzle literally did not know he was talking about Pizzaz's menstrual cycle since he seems to think her "Aunt Flo" is an actual person and how "She seems to visit just about every month, actually." Which means he really has no idea how much he upset Pizzaz.
  • Episode 8 "Stuntztravaganza"
    • The sudden death of Dazzle's father, Razzle Novak.
  • Episode 9 "The Legend of Circuit Lake
    • Pizzaz's anguish over Dazzle's wrongful incarceration and her sobbing while hugging his jacket to her face.
    • Rad awakening back to reality and crying over the loss of his virtual wife, son and dog.
    • Ice Ivory brutally attacking SILCA and calling her an "ungrateful whore of a prison".
    • SILCA's pleading to "Mama", apparent demise, and Dazzle's anguish at having to leave her behind.
  • Episode 10 "The Wedding of Rad (Lie)"
    • Rad's shocked, subdued reaction to finding out he was born "Gregory Manning" and that the Cunninghams stole him from his billionare-rich and fiercely loving biological parents, who founded 'Flamingo Computers'.
      Rad: I'm...Gregory Manning? You...lied to me? I should've been really rich and happy this whole time?


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