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Tear Jerker / To Hell and Back (Arrowverse)

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  • This feeling of disconnection Barry and Oliver cannot help but have when they come back at Starling and Central, with Oliver bitterly missing the opportunities passed by and Barry musing his former bedroom doesn't fit him anymore because it's a kid's room.
  • When Barry flat-out rejects the tempting prospect of saving his mother, he explains she's going to die no matter what, be it from illness or accident or old age. All that he would gain from screwing history is more time with her, and it will never be enough so he has to let her go. Even if he's tearing over it.
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  • Malcolm Merlyn's relationship with Oliver takes a turn for the tragic with The Reveal that in this timeline, Oliver was the byproduct of Moira's affair, meaning Malcolm utterly ruined his son's life. He would like nothing more than tell the truth, but the Queens rightfully forbade him to do so. And don't forget his subtle fear when Oliver decides he wants to help rehabilitating the Glades — the same project Malcom's beloved wife wanted to accomplish, and it led to her death.
  • Since he was Spared by the Adaptation, poor Tommy has to live with the fact that his father engineered a mass-murder in the name of revenge.

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