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YMMV / To Hell and Back (Arrowverse)

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Is Oliver actually a better combatant than Ra's? In-universe, none of the characters are sure. The Dominator's machine fight scene would tend to imply that...but it didn't create Ra's, it created Oliver's memory of Ra's, and it's doubtful that Oliver ever had to see Ra's go all out.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: In the earlier chapters, a number of readers suggested the possibility of Oliver/Kara or Tommy/Kara, despite Oliver already being slated to be either with Laurel or Nyssa, while Kara remained single. The author permanently sunk former by reiterating that none of the three leads (Oliver, Barry, and Kara) would be paired with each other, and sunk the latter by informing readers that, like Kara, Tommy wasn't getting paired with anyone for plot reasons. They later went back on their word by pairing Tommy with Isabel, though they did clarify it was for the sake of the plot than any genuine pleasure in the pairing itself.
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  • Invincible Hero: Kara has shades of this—her Combo Platter Powers would make her one of the most dangerous characters in the cast as it is, but her Boxing Lessons for Superman, Combat Pragmatist attitude, and Kryptonite-Proof Suit make her practically unbeatable. The only antagonists to give her serious trouble are Grodd and Astra, and the latter only because Kara decided to not use her Kryptonite sword as a mark of respect for her Worthy Opponent.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Talia al Ghul and Adrian Chase cross it when they arrange for Tommy to fall in love with Isabel, only to murder her just as he was going to propose to her. While Isabel herself is not innocent, they deliberately mimic the murder of Tommy's mother from a decade earlier to ensure that he truly is emotionally broken enough to leave Starling City completely.
      • If there was any doubt, it's revealed that Talia actually crossed it long before the story began. During a mission to assassinate a drug lord, one of the target's harem insulted her, leading to her poisoning all fifty women in revenge. Malcolm later cites this as the moment that convinced him to leave the League completely.
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    • If Zoom didn't cross it in his very first appearance by showing up out of nowhere and almost killing Barry with no provocation, he definitely crosses it when he forces Barry to watch him torture Earth-3 Jay Garrick, knowing full well that Jay is a doppelgänger of Barry's father.
  • One True Threesome: During the Dominators' illusion, Oliver and Laurel only regain full memory of their real lives when they meet Nyssa in the illusion, with the author affirming that this foreshadows Nyssa becoming part of Oliver and Laurel's relationship in reality; the two admit their feelings to Nyssa in chapter 88.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • The author does not like Felicity Smoak, and even admits as much in the first part of the prologue.
      • In the unaltered timeline from where Eobard comes from, Felicity was a Green Arrow stalker that had convinced herself that Oliver was her soulmate and outed his secret identity to the public right before she was jailed after he rejected her.
      • In the current timeline, she's in jail for creating the hacktivist supervirus that her college boyfriend took the blame for in canon. Said boyfriend is also in jail for using it to clear out his student loans.
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    • Andy Diggle and the Darhks (sans Nora) are both killed in Part IV of the prologue. Andy's death isn't even mentioned, just inferred by readers.


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