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Fridge / To Hell and Back (Arrowverse)

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  • The first important Myth Arc revolves around Oliver utterly ruining everything Malcolm worked for, right? When you look at it, it's very much a Shout-Out to the Arthurian mythos. Remember who was responsible for destroying King Arthur's kingdom? Yeah, it was his bastard son, Mordred, who basically became the perfect antithesis to dear ol'dad — just like Oliver, here the adulterous offspring to Malcolm whose original name was Arthur King. And cherry on the top, some retellings of the mythos have Arthur trying to kill a young Mordred by putting him on a ship rigged to sink.
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  • Eddie's desperation to bring in the Flash makes a lot more sense when we meet his parents - even if he doesn't let their horrible words effect him anymore, what would be a better way to prove to his parents his career is worthwhile than to become the one to bring in one of the most dangerous metahumans Central City has encountered?
  • Barry being a Knife Nut makes a lot of sense: Unlike, say, a sword or spear, knives don't have much kinetic power behind them, can be thrown or handled, and are fast and agile weapons. Perfect for a speedster.
  • Fridge Horror: Barry's already picked up a few of Savitar's attributes, such as his use of bladed weapons and trollish behavior.

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