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Tear Jerker / The Final Days of Superman

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  • Batman's reaction to Superman's silent defeat towards his predicament. Especially hard since him and Damian effectively came Back from the Dead. It's even elicited some sympathy for Clark from a few fans that never liked the New 52 Supes, especially since he's dealing with it in such a calm and stoic manner.
  • N52 Superman's death itself in the finale is no less of a gut punch even if you knew it was coming. Especially his last words: "What a lucky man I was..." which become cruelly ironic when said by a man who when it came down to it, was decidely not a lucky man.
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  • Superman's last words to his cousin:
    Superman: Make me proud, Kara.
    Supergirl: You can count on that, cousin.
  • Wonder Woman comforting Clark in his final moments, telling him that all four of his parents will be waiting for him in the afterlife.
  • Lois Lane's article:
    A Hero's Life
    Lois Lane
  • The next arc wastes absolutely no time in setting up a Hope Spot via the new/old Superman remembering what he went through thanks to Doomsday and going to see if the equipment that brought him back to life is on the Fortress of Solitude... and finding out that it doesn't exist in this universe. He, Lana and Lois mourn the N52!Clark and bury his ashes alongside his parents' graves, cementing for good that (at least for now, maybe) he's Deader Than Dead.

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