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YMMV / The Final Days of Superman

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  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: After five years of starring in mediocre-to-terrible stories, New 52 Superman's life comes to a tragic, unfortunate end. This has actually made a section of fans sympathize with him, to the point that they even blame DC Comics for mishandling the character. One can even make the argument that DC knew they had taken New 52 Superman as far as he could go, so they decided to end his story on a high note.
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  • Iron Woobie: New 52 Superman, big time. All the struggle of losing his powers and having the world turn on him, and does he get some respite after finally getting his powers back? Nope. Literally the very first issue after Savage Dawn concluded and he finds himself terminally ill and it just goes downhill from there. Anyone would use this as an excuse to feel sorry for themselves, but not Superman. Superman still dedicates himself to do what he does best: saving the world and giving people hope.

Alternative Title(s): Superman Super League


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