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Tear Jerker / The Black Cauldron

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  • Princess Eilonwy demands respect from Taran after they escape and he comments that girls wouldn't know anything about swords. Upset, she runs off and cries while leaning against a tree. When he goes to apologize to her, she forgives him and treats him with respect in return.
  • As Taran says that without his sword he's nothing, Eilonwy takes him aside and says this.
    Eilonwy: Look, you are somebody. You must believe in yourself. ...I believe in you.
  • Gurgi's death. While he comes back, he was dead and it required great magic and Swiss Army Tears to revive him—if the witches hadn't been forced to 'pay' for the cauldron's return, he would've stayed dead. And the reason he did it was so Taran wouldn't die.
    • This line before his sacrifice.
    Gurgi: Taran has many friends... Gurgi has no friends.
  • After the witches regain the Black Cauldron, Gurgi's body is left where it was, without any sign of life. It makes you think that they used Exact Words and just brought his body back, but not his life.
  • Taran cradling Gurgi's dead body and nuzzling into it. This brings him back to life.


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