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Tear Jerker / The Great Mouse Detective

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  • Basil's reaction to Olivia's Missing Mom moment. It's sad enough for her to reveal that she doesn't have a mom, but Basil's strong reaction raises questions about his own parentage.
  • Basil's Heroic BSoD moment. Sure it seems petty considering that essentially Ratigan is laughing at Basil like a bully- until you realize how much Basil thrives on his intelligence. He's supposed to be the greatest detective so any amount of failure eats at him. So it makes sense that being mocked by Ratigan would so easily get to him.
  • Mr. Flaversham thought of Ratigan's plot as monstrous. He's only a toymaker, and an evil rat wants his talents to be used for evil. When Ratigan threatens him with death, Mr. Flaversham doesn't care and refuses to go along with Ratigan's plot, accepting his potential death. But once Ratigan hints at harming his daughter, the toymaker resigns to his fate and continues his work.
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  • The moment when Dr. Dawson finds Olivia. She's a little girl who just saw her father get abducted. She's wandering the city at night, scared out of her mind with no one to look after her, eventually ending up hiding in a tin can crying because she got lost looking for the one person she's desperately hoping can help her. Turns into Heartwarming when Dawson comforts her and offers to take Olivia to Baker Street to find Basil. Also verges into Nightmare Fuel when you realize she could have easily been found by a less upstanding mouse...
  • Dr. Dawson having a My God, What Have I Done? moment, after Olivia, whom he was supposed to watch, is captured by Fidget in the toy store.
  • Basil's Disney Death, especially after we just watched him get his ass kicked by a deranged Ratigan for last three minutes.

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