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Heartwarming / The Black Cauldron

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Aww, young love...
  • Eilonwy demands respect from Taran after they escape and he comments that girls wouldn't know anything about swords. Upset, she runs off and cries while leaning against a tree. When he goes to apologize to her, she forgives him and treats him with respect in return.
  • As Taran says that without his sword he's nothing, Eilonwy takes him aside and says this.
    Eilonwy: Look, you are somebody. You must believe in yourself. ...I believe in you.
  • Gurgi jumping into the Cauldron because he doesn't want Taran to die.
    Gurgi: Taran has many friends... Gurgi has no friends.
  • Taran, Eilonwy, and Gurgi hugging at the end.
    • Promptly followed by Gurgi pushing Taran and Eilonwy's heads together to make them kiss.
  • Lloyd Alexander's reaction to the film, that while it bore little resemblance to his books, he still thought it was a quality story in its own right.
    • Especially when you realize Disney's known history of Creator Backlash (the children of Carlo Collodi and Rudyard Kipling despising the adaptions of their father's work, fans of fairy-tales complaining about how Disney bowlderized the classic fairy tales, and most infamously, P.L. Travers and her reaction to Mary Poppins' adaption.) With how much critics bashed the movie, and how little people went to go see it, it's nice to know that the author of the books himself at least liked the movie.


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