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Tear Jerker / Silent Möbius

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  • From the first episode, Katsumi's dream about her dead mother.
  • Episode 2 "Decide", Katsumi's understandable Freak Out! when she's told she's the Barrier Maiden, needed to fight against the Lucifer Hawks. One can't really blame her for it.
  • Episode 4, the poor cat killed by a Lucifer Hawk. May also count as Nightmare Fuel.
  • In episode 6, Kiddy's tragic past is revealed. She was working on the case of the rouge Megadyne cyborg called Wire. Three years earlier Wire almost killed her and she was badly beaten, to the point of needing cybernetics to restore her body.
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  • Nami's backstory in episode 7, with her family having high expectations of her since she was little. At one point, she remembers in a dream of a time when she was training as a child and didn't do well. Her family offered her no comfort, causing her to break down and cry after messing up.
  • Episode 9, Rally and Grospoliner's somber discussion about the current state of humanity.
  • Episode 10 begins with poor Yuki learning about two of her old friends being murdered.
    • Later, when Yuki's old friend Annie reveals she was the one who murdered Hiroko and Lisa.
  • Rally and her sister Rosa's Tragic Past in episode 12, "Sister".
    • Everyone's initial shock when Rosa reveals Rally's connection to the Lucifer Hawks.
    • Katsumi's shocked and horrified reaction when Rosa explains that her own powers come from Lucifer Hawk blood in her veins.
  • Episode 13 begins with Katsumi having left the AMP, acting like a Stepford Smiler to cope with everything she learned the previous episode.
    • Katsumi's heartbroken reaction when the very people who's lives she'd just saved from a Lucifer Hawk, accuse her of being one because of her powers.
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  • Episode 16, Yuki and Tōru being forcibly separated when Yuki was drawn back to the present time. Ends with a happy Tear Jerker when Yuki meets a thirty year older Tōru.
  • Episode 18 "DOMULL" ends with Roy learning that the young girl that he'd been taking care of after she'd survived a Lucifer Hawk attack was in fact a Lucifer Hawk the entire time. Who'd been using the dead girls' corpse as a vehicle to get around undetected.
  • Episode 20 "Love", Roy's death. Katsumi's anguished reaction makes it all the more heartwrenching.
  • Near the end of episode 24. Ganossa killing Rosa after she realizes she doesn't really want to kill Rally and attempts a Heel–Face Turn.
  • The fate of Toru in episode 25 "Count Down". He was indirectly responsible for Yuki's painful childhood, and waited 30 years to see her again just so he could apologize and confess his love to her. He finally manages to do so...on his deathbed.

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