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Headscratchers / Silent Möbius

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    Why don't the Tokyo government just produce more Megadyne to fight off the Lucifer Hawk raids? 

  • Having just finished episode 6, I am amazed just how insanely strong and powerful Megadynes are. Not only do they have superhuman strength and reflexes and are able to take on entire police squads, but the featured Megadyne of the episode was able to destroy an entire block of the city (well at least several skyscraper sized buildings)! Not to mention being immune to normal police weaponry and surviving fall from at least a hundred stories high to the ground. Even Kiddy (who is a Megadyne herself) shows a lot of the same feats the aforementioned villain and she is portrayed as being a far weaker model. She's able to kill of Lucifer Hawk's with her bare hands and overpower several policemen in brute strength with one arm. So wouldn't it make sense to mass produce Megadynes to fight of the recent Lucifer Hawk debacle?


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