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YMMV / Silent Möbius

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  • Complete Monster: Ganossa Maximillian is the true architect of the arrival of the monstrous Lucifer Hawks, having sabotaged his mentor Gigelf Liqueur from creating world peace out of sheer envy. Ganossa directs attacks on innocent people and murders the heroine Katsumi Liqueur's (Gigelf's daughter) boyfriend Roy to turn Katsumi to darkness, while sending her to kill her friends and allies. At the end, when he realizes the world of the Lucifer Hawks, Nemesis, will not grant him what he wishes, Ganossa forcibly assimilates Lucifer Hawks into his body, intending to slam Gaia (Earth) and Nemesis together to wipe out the entire galaxy in both dimensions.
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  • Gateway Series: If only because of it was on TechTV's Anime Unleashed lineup.
  • Wangst: Katsumi is upset over the fact that the blood of Lucifer Hawks flows in her veins. Also, she is the key to Nemesis.


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