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Heartwarming / Silent Möbius

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  • Episode 2 "Decide", Kiddy confronting Katsumi about joining the AMP. Kiddy comes across less as being cruel, and more like she's just trying to help.
    • Katsumi adamantly refusing to believe that her father could have ever been an ally to the Lucifer Hawks.
  • Episode 3, Yuki wanting to throw a welcome party for Katsumi.
    • Katsumi learning that not all the people who live in Heaven's Hall are criminals.
  • Episode 4, Yuki inviting Katsumi to her café to have some coffee. She then explains why she continues to work at the AMP despite not feeling as though she contributes much.
    Yuki: (with a smile) Cause, I'm so selfish. Once I find someone I care for I want to do what I can to stay with that person.
  • From episode 5, Yuki's idea to get the officers from the other precincts to like the AMP? Throw a party and invite them all.
    • When a group of Lucifer Hawks launch an attack on Yuki's café. All the other officers refuse to hide in the café, wishing to fight alongside the AMP girls. A moment that's both heartwarming and awesome all at once.
  • Episode 6, despite their initial bickering. Kiddy and Ralph go on a few dates together and actually manage to have a nice time.
  • Near the beginning of episode 7, everyone voices their approval of Kiddy and Ralph's relationship.
    • Nami agreeing to play a game with the girl in the fox mask when she asks.
  • Episode 8, Grospoliner and Rally treating one another like old friends.
  • In episode 9, Yuki and the other AMP girls offer to let Katsumi stay at each of their homes until she could get a new place to live. After her old apartment was destroyed fighting the Lucifer Hawks.
  • Episode 10, turns out it was Rally who found and helped a young Yuki after she'd escaped the organization who'd been trying to use her for her psychic abilities.
  • From episode 11, the only reason Katsumi was lured onto the rouge subway train was because she thought she'd seen a child get on board.
    • In the end the hacker who shut down all of Tokyo's computer systems reveals he'd only done so to remind Lebia of her grandfather's birthday.
  • Episode 13, a Lucifer Hawk has a moment oddly enough. First while he admits part of his reasoning for protecting Katsumi is because she's the "key to Nemesis". He explains that he naturally wishes to protect his own kind. Proving that perhaps despite their very "alien" way of thinking, that Lucifer Hawks aren't inherently evil after all. Though sadly the entire scenario turns out to have been an illusion created by Ganossa.
  • Episode 14, despite the insane risk to herself. Fuyuka rushing in to shield Gigelf from being killed. Also counts as a moment of awesome for her.
  • Yuki meeting her pre-invasion boyfriend Tōru in episode 16, "Labyrinth".
    • Yuki marveling at the non-acid rain. May also count as a Tear Jerker.
  • Episode 19 "Back of a Coin", Lum Cheng sincerely trying to cheer up Katsumi while Kiddy and Ralph try to cheer up Roy.
  • When the AMP gang try to free Katsumi from Maken Medium with a combination of The Power of Friendship and Talking the Monster to Death.
    • It didn't work but, hey, they gave it a good try.

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