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  • In chapter 5, Shoya is imagining how pathetic his life would be and we get to see a picture of a much older version of him on a pile of trash bags. What's heartwarming is that in that pile of trash bags, there is a picture frame of a person that looks a lot like his mother. Even when he envisions himself as on the road to a pathetic life, he still keeps his mother close to his heart.
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  • The fact that Shoya learned Sign Language as part of his mission to atone for what he did to Shoko is heartwarming in and of itself.
  • Nagatsuka searched long and hard to bring Shoya's bike back to him. When Shoya is confronted with this, he truly looks at the guy for the first time, and the X flutters off his face.
  • Shouya spending the night looking for Shoko with her mother and sister at least warms them up to him a little more than before.
  • Shoko being reunited with her old friend Sahara, and how well the two of them get along from there on out.
  • "I lub moo". Sadly, it turns into a Tearjerker when Ishida doesn't understand it.
  • Shoya having a good time with everyone at the amusement park.
  • How well Yuzuru gets along with her granny.
  • Yuzuru takes lots of pictures of dead things and has them covering the walls of her room. At first it comes off as creepy... It's later revealed that after the incident where Shoya threw Shoko's notebook into the water back in elementary school, a soaked and crying Shoko told Yuzuru that she wanted to die. Yuzuru taking pictures of dead things is her attempt show her sister how gross and disgusting death is in the hopes that it would make her not want to kill herself. It didn't work.
    • At the end of the series, Yuzuru's mother submits one of her photos to a contest. It ends up winning a prize and appearing in a magazine.
  • Shoko's mother thanks Ishida for befriending her children at the end of Chapter 31, in light of her own mother's passing.
    • She even welcomes him when her birthday comes around, albeit hesitantly.
  • After Ueno is separated from Nishimiya and her mother, Sahara says her and Ueno should head home. Ueno responds that they're no longer friends to which Sahara simply smiles and says yes they are. Despite everything that had happened, Sahara's a true blue friend not just for Nishimiya but Ueno as well.
  • Even more Heartwarming has come in Chapter 46. Nagatsuka is the first of the old group to have a real and passive conversation with Nishimiya since the incident. He's even the first to directly ask her why she tried to commit suicide. Her answer was that she felt like she ruined what everyone worked so hard to achieve. Nagatsuka's response to this? To immediately ask her what they can do to fix what she feels she ruined. Nishimiya says that she would like to finish the movie with him and everyone else, and Nagatsuka wholeheartedly agrees, writing "Let's do it together!" on the notepad they were using to communicate. This all just show that despite what happened on the bridge, Nagatsuka is still willing to be there for Nishimiya, and for Ishida too- because he really is their friend.
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  • Chapter 53, the long awaited reunion between Shoko and Shoya. The moment he hears her crying at the bridge, Shoya makes a desperate attempt to escape the hospital and find her. And when he finally does, he's wondering to himself whether seeing her like this, purely by chance, is all just a dream. Then Shoko goes up and pokes his body, clearly showing that she too needs to know if this is all real. After the both finally realize that this is all reality, they just start laughing.
  • Shoya and Shoko leave their mothers alone so the two can have some serious discussion. Although the atmosphere is tense when the kids leave, they return to find the two women drinking together like old buddies, bonding over their shared experiences of husbands that abandoned their families.
  • The fact that Pedro is sticking around to help support his new family. Shoya's sister is presumably happy with him too, since this relationship has lasted a long time compared to all her previous ones. They're even expecting a new child.
  • The entirety of chapter 57. An entire chapter dedicated to reconciliation between Ishida and the rest of his friends with the X's dropping off not just their faces but every single person finally hitting at the message of the series: life and people aren't perfect but you should still value them, warts and all.
  • The meeting between Shoya and Ueno in Chapter 61 where Ueno finally apologizes to Shoya about the way she'd treated him and Shoko when they were kids and feeling like she's a terrible person for trying to erase their friendship and because she still doesn't like Shoko. Shoya reassures her that there's more to her than who she likes and dislikes and that she's fine the way she is. Ueno then runs off telling him, in a roundabout way, to realize his own feelings for Shoko.
  • At the end of the movie adaptation when Ueno attempts to insult Shoko with sign, only for Shoko to excitedly correct her, seeing it as a chance to connect. Unfortunately beyond embarrassing her, it doesn't work and she remains as unrepentant as ever, unless you read her response as her being Tsundere, which is highly possible given that learning sign language is a mighty endeavor and not likely to be done for someone you wholly dislike. Either way, Shoko is left hopeful that she can win her over yet.

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