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Tearjerker / Shy

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Shy is spotted with numerous moments of genuine melancholia and tragedy when the situation calls for it.

Chapter One- ''I am SHY!''

  • The cold reception to Shy’s opening for Heartman is rather tough to read as it is obvious Shy is definitely trying her best.
  • It really pulls at the heartstrings to see Teru in her bedroom defeated after being unfairly blamed for an accident.
  • Despite wanting to truly help, Teru is unable to transform due to guilt from Koshikawa’s injuries.

Chapter Two- ''Duty of Heroes''

  • Koshikawa being forced to wear crutches and mentioning that her leg is in constant pain that requires her to take painkillers is tough on both the audience and Teru. Not to mention that Koshikawa had to transfer to Teru’s school because of the strain on her leg.

Chapter Three- ''A Curse''

  • After hearing Ebio’s theory about Koishikawa have “an extreme hatred” for someone, Teru automatically thinks it’s her.
  • Koishikawa apologies to Teru and notes that she must be scared despite it being her who went through a Face–Monster Turn and is in pain.
  • In what is the Crowning Moment of Tearjerker in this series so far, Koishikawa reveals her immense guilt to Teru, before attempting to take her own life.
    Koishikawa: If Mom and Dad hadn’t felt the need to save me…They’d still be alive now…and Shy…If she hadn’t helped me…nobody would have blamed her…EVERYTHING WOULD BE BETTER IF I’D JUST DIE!